Dynamics 365 and Nav Integration

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Dynamics 365 and Nav Integration

At echelon2 we have developed and deployed integrations between sales and production management systems (Dynamics CRM) and finance management systems (Dynamics NAV, Quickbooks Online, Sage etc.) to avoid the need to copy data manually from one system to another and to ensure data accuracy.

We have also integrated CRM based product and prices with eCommerce websites and with client & supplier systems delivering a reinforced and quality driven supply chain. Similiarly, we’ve made integrated document management solutions with Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.

It’s also possible to integrate digital signatures with orders in dynamics to increase purchase efficiency. This way, when an order is ready, an email is sent to the client. The client via a link can review and approve the order, signing it as if it were a hand signed order.


We’ve also developed integrations between Dynamics 365 and email marketing systems (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor etc.). So that in CRM you can see who has opened emails, clicked links etc.. Thanks to this functionality, you can get the data you need to work out where there’s latent demand for your products and services and hence focus sales activity.

The integration possibilities for Dynamics 365 with other systems or business processes are unlimited: Marting, Sales, Production, Post-sales, Finance, Quality control. Everything can be compatible with Dynamics 365.


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